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June 07, 2019  •  2 Comments

For those of you who are not aware, I experienced a medical emergency this winter.  I’m finally on the road to recovery and I’m getting antsy to get out with my camera again.  Two Saturdays ago was an amazing day, so I attempted to go out just down the street from where I live at Bauer Park. However, I didn’t get far.  I felt out of breath before I even reached the first pond from the parking lot.  Normally, I’d walk to Bauer from my home.  I KNEW that was NOT an option.  I’m not yet ready to hike through any type of terrain with my camera.  That’s what I REALLY want to do.  I want to spend an hour or two walking around the woods, walking around a park or something similar with my camera.  That’s what I miss most.  I’m hoping at some point to feel well enough to do so again. That's what I miss most.


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Monday was Memorial Day.  I DID walk downtown to photograph The Memorial Day Parade.  That was easier, as I stayed pretty much in one place once I became situated. Maybe I SHOULD HAVE started with the parade and avoided Bauer Park on Saturday. I needed to get some photos other than the parade though.  I still do.  But I know my limitations and I’m not about to push myself beyond what I can do.  That’s why I only went down the street.  I can only imagine what would have happened had I driven out of town and decided to hike somewhere in the woods beyond a reasonable distance from my car.


I’m looking forward to the time when I CAN have the stamina to be out hiking with my camera.  I need to continue building my stamina.  Walking every day will help. 


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.




Bill Terribile(non-registered)
Sorry to hear you were so sick. Need anything or a ride, call me.
You have my prayers, Chris!!!!
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