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As the title of this column suggests, I’m more than just a photographer.  I’m a writer as can be seen from this blog.  I’ve been writing for just as long as I’ve had a camera in my hand.  I’ve been published in the small press back in the early to mid 1990s when I wrote fiction.  In November I will be seeing two books being published by Fahrenheit Books, something in the works for three years now. 


Book launch November 20.  If you're close to Madison, Connecticut, see this link to sign up:
C. Jennings Penders Book Launch


One, Random Acts: Stories of Redemption is a short story collection of dark fantasy that was written in the 1990s.  The second book is essays on death and dying collected from Wisdom and Life, my spiritual blog.  Isn’t it every writer’s goal to find publication?


The other side of me that I don’t discuss enough is my belief system.  You can find out more about my worldview at my bio page at Wisdom and Life and My Spirituality Page.  One of the reasons I tend to keep this to myself and a select group of friends is that a person’s worldview MAY scare people away.  But that’s not want an old friend I discovered when I spent time on Google+ believed.  Read on to discover what he thought:


J.C. Kendall, An old friend from my time and Google+ who passed in 2103 wrote an article called:
What is Your Personal Brand Saying About You? 


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In the article J.C. wrote:
In every case, not just some, my hiring decision depends on what I know about an individual personally, rather than just the skills and experience they possess.  The problem for many among the highly skilled is that their vocation becomes their personality, and it is all they share about themselves.


What J.C Kendall is advocating here is to NOT be afraid to discuss your personal worldview on your social media platforms.  The RIGHT people will filter out the content they don’t agree with and the RIGHT people will find you and make a decision to work with you.  


J.C. is correct when he says:
About a year ago, my business was contracted to do some web-development, and we sought to find a developer who we could subcontract it out to. There are many developers in my Google+ stream, and we considered three of them, who all happened to be women.  One of the women was a known genius coder, with a ton of experience.  However, I knew from her interactions that she often got into nasty arguments with her fellow Plussers.


Another woman we considered had all of the skills that we were looking for, but two things disqualified her from consideration. She had a habit of starting her days with a negative comment about herself or her life. That, combined with her habit of using the “C” word from time to time, she caused us to look elsewhere.

The third woman was the least qualified from a skills perspective, but she was one of the most interesting and funny persons I had ever met in my life. She was well-read on many subjects, and we figured it would be a blast to work with her, and even train her where needed, simply because we liked her so much. Today, she is one of our Go-To people because she’s demonstrated being capable of doing anything she puts her mind to, and we love her to death.


My takeaway from the article is:
It’s fine to have a separate business page for your business, but make sure you share some of your personal worldview there as well.


It’s not something I often do because I have my personal page where I share my worldview content.  However I THINK we should ALL heed J.C. Kendall’s advice.  Show your personality and don’t concern yourself with those who find it offputting.  Showing your personality is how you can grow your audience.


So what DOES your personal brand say about you?  And are you taking advantage of using your personal brand to motivate clients?


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.





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My blog is generally technical or financial. With political observations mixed in. And, the occasional religion intrusion when there's a holiday that will be forcing me off line for a few days. The latter has not been an impediment (as far as i can see) to the growth of my blog readers.
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