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If someone were to ask you what your most important social media was what do you think your answer would be?


What if I were to tell you all three of these answers are wrong?  You may say what other platforms are there?  My long time Google+ friend, Dustin Stout would probably chuckle knowing one very important tool was left out.  What’s that?


It’s your email list.  I’ve actually written a little bit about this at CJPPhotoNews in the past:
Email Marketing at CJPPhotoNews

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All those above platforms could change dramatically tomorrow or could go away tomorrow.  Don’t think so?  Look what happened to Google+.  I know there is a fair contingent who felt Google+ never reached the level of importance that those who used it thought, however there is no disputing that it had a strong following among those who DID use it.  Google+  quickly became my platform of choice. 


And with Facebook, the most popular platform available, not everyone in your circle whether on your personal page or your business page(s) will see what you share thanks to their algorithm.   It’s why it is so important to build your email list.  If you don’t have one, and you have a blog or a business, I suggest beginning to accumulate email addresses yourself.  Everyone on your list will see what you send out and they can decide for themselves whether to open the email.  That seems more democratic than another entity making the decision.  


There are two big players in email marketing:
1.  Constant Contact
2.  Mailchimp


I’ve been using Constant Contact for more than ten years and all of my contacts are there.  I understand the intricacies of the program and since I’ve been using the same program for so long I’m not interested in learning something.  I’m sure those who use Mailchimp feel the same.  Regardless of which program you choose, you SHOULD be using email marketing and NOT your own personal email.


I made the mistake of using my own personal email address for several weeks a few years ago and many ISPs wound up blocking me from sending out emails because they labeled me a spammer.  It took me years to get myself off all the spam lists.


One of the best features of using email marketing is that you can see who opens your emails and who clicks any links if you include them.


Email marketing is one program you should be using more now.  The other important question to consider is whether you should pursue your social media followers and ask for their email addresses.  That’s something each individual has to decide. 



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



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