Do You Save All Your Photos?

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For my photographer friends, after you return from a photography trip, whether local or far off and have gone through ALL of your image files and edited, do you save ALL of your photos?  Or do you remove images, (Doubles or almost doubles,) images that are too similar to others?  If you take the same scene portrait and landscape, do you keep both or delete one?  If you have a website, which photo do you put up and do you remove the one you don’t?



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I’ve spoken with several photographers and it seems that many I talked with save EVERY image they take.  My process is different:
I go through the pictures I’ve taken, sometimes as many as sixty or seventy.  Then decide which ones I will edit.  Of the seventy photos I took, maybe twenty, twenty five will be salvageable.  I will ONLY save those twenty, twenty five.  The others will go away.  They will be deleted.  


--This frees space on my hard drive and my online backup systems.   
--Not having as many pictures to go through makes it easier to find the pictures I’m looking for.
--Many of the photos I remove are so similar to the ones I’ve saved that it would be silly to have two almost identical images taking up space.


Why would I take up this space when It can be used more economically?


What do you do?


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
I'm a saver- and that goes back to the days when every photo had to be developed in my darkroom. I will leave it to my kids to sort through what they want :-)
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