Digital Cameras and Extreme Weather

August 10, 2018  •  2 Comments

Every year when mid March turns to April, I rejoice.  For that is the month that I can return my camera and all its equipment to the trunk of my car.  The reason my photography hibernates from the end of October to the middle of March is that I don’t like keeping my camera equipment outside the temperate climate of my home.   Constantly transferring everything from my home to my car during the winter can cause moisture to build up inside the camera.  And we all know how destructive that can be.


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I’m thinking about temperature now, because the heat of summer isn’t healthy for people.  It probably isn’t healthy for a camera and all its equipment either.  Challenging when deciding what to do about leaving your camera at easy handling.  Do you leave it in your vehicle so it’s always at hand and possibly suffer a malfunction because of the extreme heat or extreme cold?


The other factor to consider is as I stated above, moving back and forth between a temperate climate to a non temperate climate, either extreme heat or extreme cold can’t be advantageous.  What to do?  It’s why I mostly keep my camera inside during the beginning of November to the middle of March and it’s also why I take great care to do the same during the height of summer.


What do other photographers do who live in areas that have temperature change?



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Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
It's not just photographic equipment that experiences maladies in the heat- even on'es GPS and cell phone. (The other day, my GPS refused to engage until I had driven for 10 minutes and the A/C lowered the temperature enough for it to respond to commands.)
Carol Blackwood(non-registered)
Had the same concern when I took my camera & lenses to Antarctica. We were advised by the National Geographic photographer with us to carry a large ziplock bag, or other airtight container, when we went outside into the cold (sometimes 20 below). Then after using the equipment, place it in the bag before entering the warm ship and keep it in there until it had warmed up. This minimized the effect of condensation build up due to temp change. I did this and my equipment survived just fine.
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