Photography as Meditation

July 27, 2018  •  2 Comments

Last week at Events vs Landscapes I mentioned the fact that I find photography to be meditative.  Photography has given me many opportunities to be in the flow.  I know when people hear the word:


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They think about sitting on a mat, legs crossed and eyes closed.  That is certainly one form of meditation.  Not the only one however.  As I’ve written at my Meditation Category Wisdom And Life, meditation takes many forms.  For me, writing fills the need to calm my frayed nerves nicely.  When I’m out with my camera, however, it’s a different story.



Along the oceanfront, in the woods, by a stream?
As long as I have my camera i’m happy.  I can breathe in when I move the camera to my eye and zero in on the scene I want to capture.  Breathe out after I press the shutter down.  As much as I enjoy having another photographer join me when I’m shooting, I sometimes prefer to be on my own.  Even when I’m with a partner, I tend to wander off on my own.  Being alone with my camera, provides me the chance to quiet everything.  There’s no need to worry whether my partner is having a pleasant time.  I understand that maybe I sometimes sound aloof that I'm a loner.  Living alone:

I've come to appreciate the quiet. 
I've come to enjoy having the freedom to come and go as I please.
I've come to enjoy my independence. 


Which in no way means I don't also enjoy my friends. I do. If I'm out with my camera I want to have someone with me who is a photographer. But again, if I choose to use photography as meditation, I'm going to go out on my own.  When I AM out by myself, it is peaceful, tranquil. The only sounds are my feet on the ground and my shutter being pressed down. If you're a photographer searching for calm, might I advise you to bring your camera on a hike in the woods?  You may just find your bliss.  



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
Great that you share the fact that meditation takes many forms.
Mike Rosen(non-registered)
This is spot-on, Chris. Right now I am taking a break from a shoot, sitting with a cup of coffee and thinking how relaxed I feel.
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