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Two weeks ago, I discussed not shooting The Madison, Connecticut Independence Day Parade.  The reason for my decision was that I wanted to enjoy not only the parade, but the day as well.  Tell me though:
Am I the only photographer who feels that photographing events, especially fast moving events such as parades doesn’t provide you ample time to frame your picture, and press the shutter button down?


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Whereas when you are shooting landscapes and nature, you have more time to contemplate the image you want to capture.  I think that’s another reason I chose not to photograph the parade this year.  Constantly having the camera to my eye and pressing the shutter down without really giving too much thought to how I want to frame the event sort of takes the mastery of photography out of the equation for me.


For me, photography is meditative.  It’s one of the ways I release my stress.  When shooting events, whether it’s for people; parties and weddings, or whether parades, my stress level rises.  I have more people than just myself to be accountable to.   I certainly understand the concept of stepping outside your comfort zone.  I have done so often with photography.  However, photography as always been a joyous endeavor for me, a peaceful endeavor.  


I will return to the parade and event circuit, but it was a nice hiatus this year


I can’t be the ONLY photographer who feels more anxiety when shooting events.

I can’t be the ONLY photographer who feels that they don’t have the time to frame the event they are attempting to photograph, because whether it’s a parade and the marchers go by so fast, or at a party or a wedding and you need to capture THAT PERFECT image.  It can cause your anxiety to rise.


I’d rather feel relaxed with my camera in hand and NOT feel rushed.  How bout you?



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



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