The Photo You Least Like

June 01, 2018  •  1 Comment

Seeing that my outdoor art festival is upcoming, I thought I'd revisit a common theme that frequently pops up among photographers. I recently discussed this with another photographer as well. 


Has this ever happened to you:

The photo you least like is the one that sells the most online or the one that everyone is drawn to when you have your exhibits?


If you don't like the photo then why do you have it in your inventory you may ask. Why do you even bring it when you have your outdoor events?  It could be that it's an old picture that you produced earlier and because it's popular online you've decided to carry it in your inventory. It's always that ONE picture that you think shows the most inexperience that everyone gravitates to. 


I have several of these photos in my inventory myself and what I’m considering doing is marking them down and putting them in a separate area in my booth.  That way I may help them to find a home.  I think after years of photography, we all have photos that we printed at one time and still have that no longer reflects our ability now.  



What then do we do with these photos that we no longer respect?  I think the best thing we can do is what I’ve decided to do.  Mark them down and see if we can remove them from our inventory that way. We don’t have to say why they are marked down, or we can make something up.  If history is any indication, our clients/customers will probably be drawn to the pictures we dislike ourselves anyway.



I continually go through my website and remove pictures that haven't sold in the past year, pictures I feel aren't up to my ability now. It typically doesn't take long for someone to reach out to me and ask where that “amazing photo” went?  They were about to purchase it. I usually relent and put the image back and it sells countless times over. Just blows me away that what we as the artist believes is the last piece of art will be popular and sell the best is the one that people want the most.   It's one of the reasons I struggle knowing what to cull and what to keep. 



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
Art is in the eye of the beholder... (I don't see any mention of the artist, there...)
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