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Have a blog?  Looking to improve it with images?  You must be careful when using images online.  I’ve discussed this previously here with:
Rights Free Images in January 2017.





However, I think it’s worth revisiting.  It is so easy for anyone to search for images online, right click on said image (if right clicking hasn’t been disabled) and saving that image.  Then using that image on your blog/website/promotional material.  This is where the trouble can begin.  If the original artist finds that you’ve used their image without permission, you could be in a heap of trouble.  The best way to avoid this is to find royalty free rights free image depositories.  I’ve mentioned three in the above linked column I wrote in January, 2017.  The site I rely on most is:


Pixabay states no attribution is needed when using their images.  I ALWAYS link back to the image and link back regardless of what Pixabay says.  I think it’s only right and this also creates muscle memory so if I use other sites to locate images, it becomes second nature to attribute and link back.


As an aside, IF you have a photography website and you are on social and if you tend to share your images on social, I have one rule you should follow:
Share DIRECTLY from your website.
Do NOT share from your computer.


This will do:
1. People will NOT be able to right click and save.
2.  When anyone clicks on the shared image they will be directed to your website, thus increasing your stats, thus increasing your SEO.  
3.  This will also bring more eyes to your website and the more eyes on your site, the greater the chance they will become customers.




In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.




Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
I like the idea of sharing from your website to increase your SEO and ranking!
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