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If you're local to New York City and you are a photographer. I believe you should travel to New York City for the PhotoPlusExpo at least once.  I’ve gone twice and both times with two different photographers.  Both times I traveled to the Expo, I took the train to Grand Central and walked from Grand Central to the Javits Convention Center,   The walk took about a half hour.  One can certainly hop in a cab however. They are plentiful throughout the city, but I prefer to walk anywhere I can.


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Your jaw will drop to the floor upon seeing all the vastness of Javits and of all the photography equipment available. If you THINK you had gear envy BEFORE seeing the expo, just wait.  You ain’t seen nothing yet. 


If you decide to make this trip, I highly recommend looking at the seminars that are offered.  One of the seminars I took advantage of was: Websites, SEO and Keywords. I still use many of the tactics I learned in that seminar to help draw clients to my website.


Maybe you’re not up for such a considerable event.  Or perhaps New York isn't in your neighborhood. In that case, I’m sure you can find smaller programs closer to home. However, if you're ever in the NYC area at the time that the expo takes place I still think you owe it to yourself to attend at least once.  You’ll be happy you did I believe.



In the meantime:
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Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
I agree that a trip to the big apple always provides one with great educational opportunities. But, don't limit yourself. I bet you can find great shows near your home. Take advantage of hte learning and networking opportunities where and when you can!
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