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I understand there's been a proliferation of content about quitting Social Media after the latest hullabaloo.  Is it really in our best interest as artists and businesses to cut that cord?


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Would we be losing out on engagement?  Maybe, maybe not. One thing we can do is continue using email marketing. As I've said here previously. I believe the best way to keep engagement going is by taking advantage of email marketing, because social could change to your detriment or go away tomorrow. But your email engagers will always be with you.




If you are concerned about how social is using your data and you're too invested in it, you can always limit what information is available to be be shared.  Watch this video to take control of what Facebook knows about you and take the steps included:
Find out what Facebook knows about you and take action



If, like me you use it primarily to engage with potential clients/customers, MAYBE you could break from it for a certain time period and use an email marketing program to engage. Constant Contact is my go to.  See if your engagement goes up or down.  Sometimes if you’re using one primary platform, all your engagement comes from that source, you may find it challenging to quit.  What you should do in  that case is look for an alternative and while you’re searching continue using your email marketing.  If you are using one PRIMARY social platform as a marketing tool, the best advice I can give is diversify.  As the saying goes:
Never put all your eggs in one basket.



If on the other hand, you’re using social to BE social, to stay in touch with friends and family you no longer see on a regular basis and being on that platform is the only way you stay in touch, then I’d recommend taking a look at all your privacy settings and make sure they are as locked down as they can be.  Don’t share unless you know what you’re sharing and with whom.  Easier said than done.  I understand that.  But seriously take a look at what you share and with whom.  Also look at the apps that you’ve given permission to and what permissions you’ve given them.



Those of us who rely on social for business engagement might want to start looking at alternatives. Unfortunately, there is only one big fish and it seems to be continually eating the smaller fish.  That’s why I will say it again and again:
The best alternative in the short term and likely the long term as well is:
Email Marketing.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.





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