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Last week, a new app called Vero, an instagram like photography app became huge almost overnight. Don’t know how it proliferated so quickly however.  I'd like to know how Vero succeeded at the commercial blitz so successfully. After seeing news shared about this app, I decided to download it to my iPhone.


One of the huge advantages I see after only using the app for a few days is the option to link to a specific photo on your website.  Instagram won’t let you link pictures from your website.  My entire plan for being on social media is for marketing.  It’s why when I share my pictures and my content, I ALWAYS share links DIRECTLY from my websites.  For my photography site, the more eyes that are on my site, the greater the likelihood of converting those eyes to clients and return clients.


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There is a similar feature on Vero that also played a role in Google+ (G+), another social platform that I spent over three years on.  There are so many features from G+ that I miss.  I wish it had been able to stay relevant.  But Vero looks like a product to watch.  So what’s that feature I mentioned?  It is the ability to choose from one of four groups to share your content with, much like circles in G+.  


I like the fact that Vero says everyone will see the content you share and no algorithm will be employed.  It’s one of the things I don’t particularly like about Facebook.  However to reach anyone on Facebook we need to have a presence there.  


If you’re a photographer and an early adopter of new tech, I would recommend downloading Vero.  If you have a website, this app COULD be elemental to your success, if you use the link option.  After only using Vero for about a week I like what I’ve seen so far.


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