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Have you ever stopped to consider why and how you developed an affinity for photography?  Perhaps you were genetically inclined to do so.  I typically credit my maternal grandfather.  After all, he DID GIVE me my first camera for my tenth birthday.  That was the starting point.  However, as I look at other influences, my dad steps out.  In 1990, even years before, my dad took pictures using his telescope.  I found this article in The Newburgh Evening News several years ago:
Astronomer produces fascinating photos



 DNA from:

 Photographer from:



My dad is still an accomplished photographer.  He now lives on Martha’s Vineyard, a photographer’s paradise.  Like me, he has many other endeavors,  One undertaking he takes seriously is osprey monitoring


Here he is several years ago handling one of the ospreys he and his partner, Rob Bierregaard tagged:




And my step dad's family has been an influence as well.  From my grandfather who ALWAYS had a camera around his neck, a Minolta fully manual 35mm.  To my uncle who was one of the photographers for the Yale Rep.  Later he worked for the State Police as an evidence tech.


So as much credit as I give to my maternal grandfather for ACTUALLY placing the camera in my hands, other factors played a roll as well.  I think had it I not received the Kodak Instamatic camera on my tenth birthday, being involved with so many people who took pictures, somehow I would still have developed my photography obsession.


But then, (forgive me as I go slightly off topic and return to another esoteric subject I’m fully invested in) sometimes, I believe we are divinely directed to what we should be pursuing in the way of work and we shouldn’t let anyone dissuade us.



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



Karen Stanford(non-registered)
Great blog,Chris. It's wonderful that your grandfather gave you the first tool/instrument ... the camera, but you dad was your real inspiration. It has me thinking now where my inspiration came from. I really can not recall. Neither parent nor sibling were into the art of photography. We were a family of musicians. This is food of thought for me today as my memory seeks out an answer. Ty for a great blog.
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