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Why Don't You Photograph In The Winter?

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Having a public persona for as long I’ve lived in Madison, Connecticut, working in the public, first at Stop and Shop as a cashier, then RJ Julia Booksellers and finally at EC Scranton Memorial Library has given me a unique ability to have an impact on the town.  Because I’m seen with my camera at most of the events sponsored by various groups in town, people have come to recognize me as a photographer.

Many people I know in town feels an affinity for me.
Many people talk to me about a whole host of issues. 


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The above picture is an example of the color I look for when I’m out with my camera.  There are many more days in Connecticut that are grey during the winter. That’s why you won’t see me out taking pictures and why you won’t see many winter photos on social.


One of the questions I hear all the time when I’m out and about is:
Have you been using your camera?  Because I haven’t seen any new pictures from you recently.


First, let me explain:
What people mean by saying they haven’t seen any pictures from me is the fact that I share all of my work on social media.  People have come to expect photography from me.


The reason I haven’t been out with my camera is written about at this previous column:
Winter Hibernation


Once spring rolls around, I'll be back out with my camera. It's just as I said on the above linked column, I don't like the bleak grey days from November to the middle of April. I need colors in my life, whether it's the colors of spring, the whites, pinks and light greens of early blossoms or the oranges and reds of autumn. 


I can't do bleak. 


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.




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