Windows or Apple?

December 07, 2018  •  2 Comments

Having used a Mac for over ten years now, first an iMac and now a MacBook Air, when the time comes to replace my current MacBook, I'm left with a decision to make:

Do I stay in the Apple environment and continue using a MacBook?  Or do I consider returning to Windows?


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The decision over whether to use a notebook or a desktop has long been determined. Notebook all the way.  There are pros and cons for choosing between Apple and Windows:

My entire tech world is based in Apple. 
Macbook Air

And they all talk together nicely. 


I left the Windows world because I ALWAYS had significant challenges:
Computer lockups
Virus threats
Malware threats

To name just a few


One of the reasons I'm considering returning to Windows in the future is that PCs are generally less expensive. Chances are when the time comes to replace my current MacBook I will continue working with Apple. Right at the moment however, IF I were in the market for a laptop it would not be such an easy choice to make. 


How do other photographers feel?


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.




Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
It actually depends on the software that you use daily and weekly. If the software is available and works on both platforms, you cna then make a choice based upon value (which in my opinion leaves Apple in the dust- now that I would consider an Apple device, givne the change in management). If the software doesn't, then stick with the platform you need- unless you can find better software.
Tim Jacobs(non-registered)
Nice post! I've been thinking that when the time comes for me to replace my laptop (HP Pavilion, currently 2.5 years old), I might lean toward a Mac notebook for the very reasons you list. Windows has too many bugs, crashes, freezes, etc. So, it is probably worth the extra $$$ to have a bit more piece of mind. Although, I don't know in Windows vs. Mac which would be better for a photographer, as I'm not a photographer.
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