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October 12, 2018  •  1 Comment

A few weeks ago I wrote a column called:
Meeting An Online Friend where I mentioned plans to meet a friend I made in a photography group on Facebook.  The plans were to meet up on October 3rd.  I bet you want to know how that turned out.  


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 It didn’t turn out one way or the other.


A week before he was supposed to arrive in Connecticut, John contacted me and said he had to return home.  I was looking forward to meeting so I could show him around the shoreline when the fall color started.  We’re considering a spring meeting, which would be just as fine.  Because for those who have been following CJPPhotoNews knows spring color is typically always there.  But fall foliage can disappoint depending on a who host of things.





In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.




John K Howcroft(non-registered)
The damage to the RV is not factory only repair, but it won't begin until 2 November. To get back into the groove, I am planning a winter trip with the ultimate destination of Big Bend National Park in Texas.
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