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Even though spring is my favorite time of year to be out with my camera, autumn draws more people. Why do I prefer spring?  The whites, pinks, pastel greens and light blues of blossoming plants are steadfast. Fall foliage doesn’t always cooperate.  You can see my entire autumn pictures at my website here:
Fall Foliage in New England at CJPPhotos


Fortunately, I’ve been successful in the past:

Image from:
CJP Photos at Shelburne Falls


Autumn has arrived, and that means all the color that comes with it.  Are you ready?  Do you have any plans?  Several years ago another photographer and I took a trip to Vermont on Columbus day weekend.  Unfortunately, the trip wound up being a week past peak.




Image from:
CJP Photos


As can be seen from the picture on the right of the Jenne Farm, my time in Vermont was clearly past peak.


You can see the vast difference between the two photos.


For anyone making plans it is important to know when peak is.  Take a look at this fall foliage map.  If this map isn’t one you want to use you can find other maps and news through this Google link.  You want to make sure that IF you are planning a day trip, a weekend or a week, that you choose the right time to go.  I understand that we are well over a month before foliage starts, however I wanted to write this column well in advance so that photographers and leaf peepers would be able to make plans in time.


Fall foliage doesn’t always cooperate.  There is a whole host of reasons the colors can be less than amazing.  
A dry summer is one reason why the colors may not pop as much as other years.  
Too much wind before autumn arrives, blowing too many leaves off their branches.


I hope you are all successful during this fall foliage season.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.




Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
When I used to drive 4X a week between Charlottesville and Dulles Airport decades ago, the colors of the seasons were in magnificent display. I still travel the Shenandoah in the Fall to take in the panoply of foliage. But I still miss the peak, on occasiob.
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