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Your Digital Footprint

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Working in a public library grants me the opportunity to help others find the book they need. One such book is:

What Color Is Your Parachute 2017



I put this book on hold for a friend of mine who is in the process of attempting to reshuffle their career. While reading the book they came across the phrase:

Google Resume.


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So what is a Google Resume?  In its simplest form, a Google Resume is your digital footprint.  What do you want your digital footprint to say about you?  In What Color is Your Parachute? The authors suggest that prospective employers are going to “Google” you once you have sent your actual resume or after having left an interview.  We know people other than prospective employers will be searching you online as well Hence the term:
Google Resume.  Knowing this, it is extremely important that you take care to share content online that will NOT come back and bite you. 


What do you want people to know about you?  Since this column started out discussing your resume, let’s return to that topic:

LinkedIn is social media’s answer to career seekers.  However EVERYTHING is consolidated online.  You can’t expect your data to stay sandboxed in one area such as LinkedIn.  When you search your name online, what are you going to find?  It’s why I’m careful with what I share on social media.  I’m a writer and a photographer and my day job is at my local library.  I do my best to share content about those topics online.  I want anyone and everyone to know what my career entails.  


When anyone searches you, especially prospective employers what do you want them to find?  
You want them to find what your career choice is, don’t you?  

You don’t want them to see you with a bottle of Jim Beam in your hand.
You don’t want them seeing you smoking a cigarette, or smoking anything for that matter.


I understand sometimes kids think this is a funny picture to post.  However, what they don’t understand is that this kind of content will come back and bite you when you’re interviewing or as a friend of mine a few days asked me:
How do I promote my new product? 


I’m in no way suggesting not to share some amusing content.  What I am saying is be careful what you share.



My advice to anyone who shares content online is:
Pretend you’re in a job interview.



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.





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