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Are You Spending Enough Time on Social?

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Although, CJP Photo News is ostensibly a photography blog, I do occasionally delve into other topics such as:

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I think it is important to look at social as it relates to your photography business as it is one way to market yourself to a wider audience.


As a follow up to last week's Your Digital Footprint, not only do you have to ensure you're sharing the right content, you also have to make sure that you are spending enough time on your social presence. In order to build engagement with people, you must continue what you start. 


I learned quite a bit during my time on Google Plus. One of the biggest take aways was that you can't expect to win over influential people if you start and stop. You're all in or you're not. There isn't any middle ground; especially if you have a new product or service you are marketing. Your prospective followers are going to want to see if you are as invested in your social presence as you are in your product.   


One thing I learned from my time at Google+ is the fact that you can’t post then disappear for days and weeks on end.  You have to invest just as much time sharing content on social as you do creating your content.


Another important thing to do is ensure are sharing other people's content and when you do make sure that you tag them in your description do that they will be notified. I've seen throughout social the 80/20 rule, that you should be sharing more from other people. 


If you want engagement, you must engage with your audience.  As with if you blog, your readers expect you to follow a schedule and stick to it.  The same can be said with sharing content.  If you have a business, I advise you to create a separate Facebook Business Page. Keep your content separate from your personal page.  Then if you want, you can share your business content to your personal page as well.  I’ve found especially since one of my blogs is spiritual in nature not everyone on my personal page wants to see that content.


The other thing I suggest is find groups on Facebook and other social platforms.  Join like minded groups and post your content there as well.  The more eyes on your content, the greater the likelihood of converting engagers to clients.   I’m assuming here that many of you have retail websites.  The whole concept behind social for me is to draw traffic to my websites.


Google+ used to be my biggest engager.  Unfortunately, I’ve left because I stopped receiving ANY engagement.  Facebook has once again proved its might in drawing people to my websites.


In order to maintain your engagement, you must not come and go.  It’s important to stay focused, and stay on top of your social content.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



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