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Are You an Apple or a Window

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With the fact that some people are discussing that Apple as a business appears to be leaving their core users behind, artists, designers and photographers. For photographers fully invested in the Apple environment, does this give you pause?  Do you plan on staying with Apple, or will you move or move back to Windows?  I’ve had several fleeting thoughts of moving back to Windows.  However, I understand for me, that would be mistake.  The best tech decision I made was migrating to Apple.  I haven’t had any viruses on any of my Macs.  My Macs have had longer life expectancies than any number of my Windows computers.

In 1989 I bought my first computer:

A used IBM 286 with a 20mb hard drive and 4mb ram.  The computer ran Dos.  Which helped me later in my computer career. As Dos taught me to code.  I still carry much of Dos coding with me almost thirty years later.  I still miss it even though I’m now on a different platform.


At the time I purchased that IBM 286, I had just begun writing short

stories for submission to the Science Fiction and Fantasy small press.

I needed to present type written manuscripts.  I held onto that

computer until 1993 when I upgraded to Pentium 386 running

Windows 3.1.  I stayed in the PC/Windows world because it was the

world I knew, the world I was comfortable in.  I actually overstayed my welcome as is usually the case with me.  


I’m ninety percent loyal to my detriment.  Fortunately, as I grew into Windows I became very adept at discovering its idiosyncrasies.  I wanted to understand what made Windows tick.  If something went wrong, I didn’t want to pester anyone.  I wanted to fix the problem.  I became so proficient that I began building Windows computers for others.  I loved doing that.  


I had a huge client list in the mid 1990s, almost 200 clients along the shoreline.  Software/hardware, Internet.  You name it.  I could fix it.  I stayed in the Windows world until 2007 when I finally decided I needed to remove myself from all the challenges that Windows presented:
Windows Vista


In 2007 I was fully invested in my photography and I couldn’t afford to be without a computer.  My friend, Jeff who lived in Madison at the time leant me his old Apple computer in August, 20007 to play with, to see if I could learn the new OS.  I’ve always loved to learn new technology, I’ve always been an early adopter.  It took me about a month before I felt comfortable enough to know I could use the Apple.  In December, five months later, I purchased my own Apple, a 20 inch all in one desktop.  I’ve been fully invested in the Apple world ever since and I can’t ever see returning to the world of Windows.  


In November 2014, seven years after my first foray into the Apple world, I purchased my second Apple computer, this time a Macbook Air.  As with my statement that I can’t see ever returning to Windows I can also say with certainty, that I won’t be returning to the world of desktop computers.  I love that I’m now portable and I can take my computer anywhere I go.


What platform are you on?  And why did you choose it?


In the meantime:

Focus on what’s ahead of you.






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