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Being from a family that likes to vacation together and not only go away together but also return year in and year out to the same couple of places, I've recently opted not to go. 


Being a photographer, my first inclination is to travel somewhere different each year. I want to capture new scenery and once I've been to a vacation spot once I have no reason to return. My entire reason for becoming a photographer is to find new locations to photograph.


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While I understand that being on vacation means enjoying each other’s company as much as relaxing and having nothing to do.  Two of the most relaxing things I do could very well be considered work by some:
Writing and Photography


Given most anything else has an option, these two things paramount to me.  I think sometimes, I’ve distressed some in my family for opting not to travel with them when they go away.  However, if they thought about going somewhere different, I would reconsider.  As I’ve told them countless times:
Don’t change your plans for me.


Before I started this business I was more than happy to travel to the same location every year.  Now though, my thought process has changed. 


However as with all rules there is always an exception. My exception is:
Block Island 


I never tire of setting my feet on that piece of rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Block is different as it is my favorite place to visit.  And even though the island is so small I typically find somewhere I haven’t photographed yet.  A few times I’ve gone without my camera and those are the times I’ve traveled somewhere I’ve never been previously.


I typically make a few trips there every year so I make sure I bring my camera on at least one of the trips and it’s usually the last time I head out.  I still get flack from my family for not partaking in family vacations, albeit in a good natured way.  However I say when they start going somewhere new each year, the likelihood of my going will increase.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.


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