cjpphotos | 2017 Shoreline Spring Fest Report

2017 Shoreline Spring Fest Report

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Last Saturday was the annual outdoor arts and crafts show I participate in.  I’ve been doing this show for the eight years that it has been in existence.  I’ve made a few changes since I’ve been attending.  The biggest change I made two years ago is the ability to accept credit cards through Square.  I use my iPhone and my iPad to process the credit card purchases.  The iPhone acts as my hotspot for my iPad. The reason I do this is that the iPad has a larger surface to sign on, and I want to make it as easy as possible for my customers.  Once I started taking credit cards, my sales increased.  Square works well for me.  The other change I made as I related in The Sweet Spot is that I raised my prices.  Since I made these changes, my sales have increased each year.


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A few things were different this year over previous years:
--I didn’t sell out of my inventory which HAS happened in the past. I wound up selling seven matted photos; not as well as I did last year. However, I still made back the money for the spot plus some.
--My biggest seller was not
Madison photography this year.  (It typically is.)  This year most of my sales were my floral images.
--More of my customers bought more than one image this year which helped increase my overall sales.

--My ratio of cash to credit cards increased this year as well with more people using my credit card processing.


I can’t imagine not have the credit card option now.  I would’ve lost out out on many of my sales had I not instituted this change a couple of years ago.  My biggest surprise is the fact that Madison was not represented in my sales this year.


A small number of my customers were repeats from last year and I think the traffic was greater last year. The number of people that come through doesn’t seem to cause me too much loss in traffic to my booth however.  My sales stay pretty steady.  Although I didn’t sell out this year, I did bring a plethora of photos.  


I get plenty of people stopping at a fairly active level.  Even if I don’t convert them the day of the event, they usually take my card or my business flier.  There’s the possibility they will visit my website through the following week.  That does have a tendency to happen.  We’ll see if it continues.



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



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