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Film to Digital to Phones

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When I began my photography obsession, my first camera was a Kodak Instamatic that my maternal grandfather gave me for my tenth birthday.  If he only he knew what he started.  Six years later I began my “pro” path with Canon.  The Canon T50 being the first SLR I owned.  That T50 became my camera until 2005.  The T50 traveled to Sweden with me in 1982.  The T50 became another appendage. 


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Talk to any photographer who first came to the business with film and you may hear the same story echoed in different terms, different words, different stories:

Oh, digital is going to the demise of photography.  It will make to easy for someone to grab a camera and take a snapshot then manipulate said image to make it appear “professional.”


To some degree that may have happened.  However, as I like to say:

Just because you look professional, doesn’t mean you are.  There are still some things you need to know such as:
--If you are taking pictures of people, where to stand in relation to the sun.
--How to avoid lens flare.
--Setting iso and knowing whether to shoot in raw.


With the advent of cellphones with cameras, an entire industry has perished:

The Postcard.  People take a picture with their phones and what used to take days now takes seconds to share. Cell Phone cameras have become the new postcard. 


With each new technological leap we’ve seen, there has been a backlash from those who have used the previous tech.  There will always be leaps forward, if photographers want to remain relevant, they have to adapt to the new tools, accept that change will always happen and embrace that change. 


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.


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