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To Edit or Not To Edit

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One of the universal questions photographers get throughout their careers is somewhat related to last Friday's column here at CJPPhotoNews:
Pro Lenses vs Consumer Lenses


Do you edit your photos after they come out of your camera?
Do consider your what you do photography or art IF you edit your images?


Since I'm a writer first, let's tackle this issue from that perspective:
Do you think that writers use their first draft as the final piece they present to the world?


I certainly hope not. Why then is there such consternation when a photographer deigns to enhance a photo they have taken?  From the above statement, I'm sure you can guess on which side I fall into. While I'm not a huge fan of HDR photography, I do believe that some enhancement is necessary to improve what the camera sees. Afterall, even in age of the darkroom, photographers enhanced their pictures.  The only difference now is that if you have any knowledge about photo software, it makes it easier to embellish what the camera saw when it took the photo. 


Regardless of editing one does, the photographer still has to have some ability:
They have to know where to stand
They have to know about perspective
They have to know the best time to shoot


Editing only enhances the quality of your photo. It won't make you a better photographer if you don't have some talent to start with.   Here’s a perfect example of why I edit my own photos:

The image on the right is the raw image directly out of my camera. The left image is how I edited it.  Which image do you prefer?


I know, not a fair question, since I only use raw when I shoot.  Obviously, the images directly out of my camera will look different than someone who uses the jpg format. The biggest reason I use raw is that I can control the edits and do more than I ever could when using jpg. And I never make final changes to the original file since the raw file comes with an xml text file. Simply delete the xml file and all changes you made to the raw image vanish. Shooting raw gives so much more flexibility.  It’s why everyone should at least try using the raw setting once.  I bet once you use raw some of you will not return to the jpg format.  And don’t forget my Photoshop seminar on Raw files, Photoshop and Bridge upcoming on
Tuesday, November 7 7-8:30PM


If you’re local to Madison and are interested in hearing about why I use Raw and how I organize my photos, click the link below:

Registration is preferred online 

or call:



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.


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