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Welcome to a new feature at CJP Photo News.  Once a month I will be profiling a photographer I know.  In July it is Jeff Buxton of BizID.



Jeff used to live in Madison just down the street from me and we became friends rather quickly.  We share so many commonalities that it is quite scary:
We’re both photographers.

We share the same birthday.
Our mother’s first names are the same.


Not only is Jeff an accomplished photographer, he also is a web designer/market guru.  His business:
Biz-ID helps other businesses with their marketing.  He develops websites.  He creates logos.  Jeff helped me improve my OWN logo.  Before he moved just outside Boston, we would take photo trips around the state. Stony Creek became a favorite place to photograph, as did Chaffinch Island in Guilford, Connecticut.  Block Island and Downtown Mystic, Connecticut also were favorite places to hit up for photography.


Being that Jeff lived so close by and that we were both photographers, that drew us to each other, never mind the weird connections we share.  When he moved away, it was a bit of an adjustment for me seeing as we did many things together.  But people come into and out of our lives for a reason.  Jeff is still a good friend and he will tell you and it is true that:
He moved me from my little point and shoot camera to a DSLR.  
He moved me from Windows to Apple.  
He moved me to Photoshop.
He moved me to a template based photography website.


Jeff even convinced me to use Constant Contact

Jeff even took the picture of me I use as my avatar on the web.


ALL important tools that improved my digital life.
It's also nice to know I can still count on him to help me when I need it.


His business:
Biz ID is flourishing, so much so that he’s been able to invest in a small Internet Service Company in Massachusetts where he now resides.  If anyone needs website advice, needs a logo for their company, needs any type of marketing advice, see Jeff.  Tell him, Chris Jennings sent you.


Jeff will fix you up.


In the meantime:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.







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