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Surf Club Sunsets

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I took a quick trip to our Madison, Connecticut Town Beach on Sunday evening to experiment again with my new EFS 10-18mm lens. Because the last time I went out with the lens it did not perform well after dark.


Here’s one photo I took on Sunday:

I made some tweaks and brought my tripod this time and the results were quite different.  I became truly impressed with the lens in low light.  Having the tripod certainly helped as did the couple of tweaks I made:
–Setting the f stop.
–And a couple of times moving the dial to A -DEP


I do my best to stay away from automatic modes as I like to have a bit more control over the operation of the camera.  However, sometimes there is no other solution.  Having that tripod with me I think created the better results on Sunday as well.


I will be experimenting more in the coming weeks with low light photography, specifically at sunsets and whatever results I get, I will report them here in upcoming columns.  I think, however that I’ve turned a corner with that lens and if that turns out to be the case, the 10-18mm lens has found a semi permanent home on my camera.


I don’t typically shoot close up photography. I’m mostly a landscape guy. Which is why I’m so attracted to wide angle lenses.  When I DO want close up I have my EF 24-70mm L lens.  At the moment I’m still enamored with this 10-18mm lens.  And the images I’m able to produce with that lens are “L” lens equivalent, which is quite surprising considering the cost of is quite significantly less than an “L” lens.  I can unhesitatingly recommend this lens if you are looking for a wide angle lens that will not break your bank account.


Heck, rent it first if you’re worried about image quality, if you’re worried about low light.  From my experience though at $300, this lens is worth the price and more.


In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.





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