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So, two days ago, on Monday, June 2nd I spent the day on Block Island.  The trip was planned months ago when my friend, Tim scheduled a visit to Connecticut.  We always hit Block Island when he visits because we both love the island so much.  We were accompanied by three other friends who love the island as much as we do.

Image taken with iPhone 5s


Unfortunately, my dad called from Martha’s Vineyard last week to tell me that his Osprey tagging partner arranged to be in Connecticut on Sunday and Monday.  The Osprey Tagging had already been postponed once due to inclement weather.  And I asked to be given some lead time so I could go and photograph the event. Because I had already planned the BI Trip with Tim and my other friends months earlier I’d be hard pressed to back out, seeing as Tim knows how much I look forward to those trips with him.


The night before I wrestled with whether to take my beast of a camera:
The Canon 40D with my EF 24-70mm L lens.  Why do I call the camera a beast?  Because it is an extremely heavy set up to carry around.


I considered the pros and cons.
–The group I travelled with weren’t photographers and I KNEW if I brought the Beast I’d want to stop every two seconds to get THE shot.  And I didn’t want to slow our progress.


–It’s not like I don’t have a plethora of Block Island photography.  You can check out my gallery at my website:
CJP Photos Block Island

–I opted to leave the Beast home.
-I opted instead to use my iPhone


The Spring House photo, (The one with the red roof) I took walking back from South East Light.  Funny, as I set up to get that image, I heard Tim and my friend, Ginger say:
Uhhh, Chris is getting a shot.  Maybe we should pay attention.  They set up right after me.  The implication being as that old TV ad implies:
When EF Hutton speaks, people listen.
The best camera is INDEED the one you have at the moment.

So I’m saying don’t hesitate to use your smartphone to take pictures if it is the ONLY camera you have at your disposal.


In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.





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