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Times to Shoot

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What’s the best time of day to shoot?  That’s a question many new photographers ask.  First let’s look at something different.  How many people know the most challenging time of day to get out with your camera?
Early Morning?


If you’re a late riser, you may choose early morning.  And ya know what?

You’d be wrong.


The most challenging time to shoot is midday.  If possible avoid this time period at all cost.  The glare and washed out appearance you’ll see in photos taken during midday can make your trip worthless.  I discovered this early on in my photography habit.  If you absolutely must be out during midday one accessory you can’t be without, I discussed in January in my lens accessory column.


The polarizer filter is MUST have in any circumstance.  It is one filter every photographer should own.  If you’re out shooting at midday this filter is a necessity.

It will hide the washed out appearance to your images by sharpening the blues.


A lens hood will also cut back on lens flare which can be heightened during midday.  Still, I recommend avoiding midday photography if at all possible.


Now we come to the BEST time to shoot, what some photographers refer to as:
The Golden Hour.
The Magic Hour.

Madison, Connecticut Surf Club


That’s the hour before sunset.  It’s this hour where you tend to find that golden light.  Hence:
The Golden Hour


Here’s a fine example of The Golden Hour in action:
Mallory Square Sunset

These two images prove my point that the Golden Hour does truly exist.  The Golden hour happens EVERY time the sun sets.  Some sunsets produce more color, however I still find it the best time to shoot.

In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.




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