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Organizing My Work

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Let’s look back last week’s column:
Photoshop Lesson/Batching.  That column will explain why I batch so much of my work after you’ve read what my organization process is when I return from a photo shoot.


Step One:

I load my CF Card into my card reader,

CF Card.jpg


open Photoshop Bridge and look at each image I took, then I begin a merciless examination of each photo.  The ones that don’t pass my test I move into a folder and name that folder Didn’t Pass.  Then I set about renaming each picture file.  As an example:



As you see, I use the location BI.Beach, the date of my trip and the number of the image 001.  To speed this process up, after I’ve typed out the name, the date and the first two zero’s, I highlight that then copy the highlighted text, then with each photo after, I simply paste the text and add the the last number in succession.  This also saves time instead of retyping EVERY character, I only have to type one number.


Step Two:

Since I ONLY shoot in Raw now next on my list is to begin the editing process:
–Adjusting exposure
–Adjusting lighting etc.
When this is complete, I then create jpegs of each RAW image.  For the longest time, I’d been doing this individually.  I finally decided there MUST be a way to batch this process as well.  I discovered it by accident, simply playing around in Bridge and Photoshop.



Here’s what I discovered:
–Click Tools in Bridge
–Click Photoshop
–Click Image Processor
–Select New Folder (I create a subfolder within my Raw Folder and name it Jpegs)
–Under Save As Type I select Jpeg and leave the quality as 12
–Click Run
–Sit back and watch each file copy as a jpeg to your new location.



That’s my organizational process I use EACH time I return from a photography trip.  Since I’ve learned to batch these three steps, the time it takes to complete the entire process has been cut almost in half.


So, you may ask why am I telling you this?  The concept behind CJP Photo News is to help new and established photographers alike who use Photoshop OR Elements with their processing work.  I’m certainly not saying you should follow all of these steps, but if you do, I simply want to show that there are ways to improve your workflow.  I wish someone had told me these things when I began working with Photoshop and Bridge.  That’s the reason I explained my workflow and gave you the steps I take to batch my work.


I feel it is important to give back.  We are here to help each other move forward in whatever way we can. This is my way of helping.  Until next week…


In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.



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