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As a photographer, are you showing your best work at at local venues, such as coffee shops, libraries and other eateries?  Are there local annual events in the town you live in that let artists  exhibit?  If there is an annual event, I highly implore you to consider exhibiting at one of these events.  If you don’t do as well as you anticipated the first time you attend as an exhibitor, don’t give up and not return the following year.  You need to show up again and again just like if you are blogging, you need to continue blogging on the SAME day every week.  


This is an excellent form of advertising yourself. If you have a website it is imperative that you find a way to promote your site. Bring your business cards. Have copies of a photo statement with your website link to hand out. 



CJP Photos Exhibit at Scranton Library
Madison, Connecticut


People get used to seeing your content.  It’s the only way to build an audience.  You don’t build an audience by skipping around on the day you share your content, just like you don’t build an audience by attending an annual exhibit one year and because you didn’t do a well as you thought you would, you pull out of the same annual event the next year.  


When you continue showing up at the same event year after year, the same visitors will look for you.  And who knows?  Maybe someone wanted to visit your booth the previous year couldn’t get to see you.  As an example, at the festival I’ve been attending for over seven years in May, I’ve overheard visitors ask about a previous exhibitor.  Why weren’t they back?  It’s why it is so important to continue to show up.  That’s how you build an audience.


Just as important is returning with different photography at your local coffee shops and eateries.  The more frequently you display locally, the greater your reputation will be enhanced.


Everything is local.  That’s where reputations start.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA(non-registered)
Congrats on the exhibition. A bit too far out of the way for me to attend, though.
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