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Even though this blog is primarily centered on photography, there are other factors to consider. I will detail three of those in this column today:
Backing up your data
Securing your passwords
Securing your wireless activity

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I've included a referral link in Backblaze. If after looking over:
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Backing Up



With my photography business I simply can NOT afford to lose my images.  For that reason I decided three years ago to find an online backup to go along with my external hard drive.  Up until that time I relied solely on my external drive. 

I know!
I know!


I’m gambling with my future.  Because as we all know, hard drives fail.  I could no longer risk losing my data, so  I spent over a month researching the best service I could use, looking at various backup sites.  I made the decision to use Backblaze.  For three years now, I couldn't be happier with the service. Backblaze has saved me several times as I've inadvertently deleted files from my computer's external drive.  However, because I had a cloud backup I was able to recover the deleted files.


According to a recent blog post at Backblaze, they are the only service left to offer unlimited storage:
Since 2007, many companies have come into the backup space. Many of those, at some point or another, offered an unlimited data storage plan. In 2017, Backblaze stands alone as the remaining player offering truly unlimited data backup.


If like me you decide that Backblaze fits your needs you can sign up here:
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How many of us have lost important files because we don’t regularly backup of data?

We can’t simply rely on hard drive backup anymore.  It is EXTREMELY important that we also backup to the cloud. I no longer keep ANY files on my local computer.  All of my written documents I keep in Google Drive.  This way I can access those files wherever I am.  And now that I have online storage for my photography and my music, I feel a whole lot more secure.


Securing Your Passwords
Speaking of being secure and safe online:
How many of you have multiple passwords for your online accounts?
How many of you use the same password with variable changes at each account?
How many of you store your passwords in your computer’s browser?


You do of course understand how dangerous this is?  Again, as with my online storage challenge, it took a prompt for me to change my habit of doing ALL of the above steps myself.

In the middle of 2014, I received an email from Google alerting me that someone in Oxford, Connecticut had attempted multiple sign ins to my Google account.  That’s all it took for me to change my password routine.  I initiated two step verification.  
I found LastPass.


As I did with Backblaze, I extensively researched password generators and I decided on LastPass because of all the positive reviews I saw.  There are several other generators available as well and you may arrive at a different solution.



Securing Your Wireless Activity:

For those of us who rely on public wireless connections, are you aware that unless you protect yourself, you can be hacked by the person next to you and may not even know it?  To protect yourself you should be using a VPN.  I researched this topic last year and after seeing:

Private Internet Access (PIA) be rated the best service at various review sites I opted to sign up.  I don't necessarily use the service at my home as my own wireless connection is secured.  But when I go out with my computer and use public access, PIA is always engaged




These three subjects I discuss here:
Online Storage
Password Generators

are VERY important features of being online that EVERYONE should NOT only investigate, but should also implement.


In the meantime:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.





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