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As I've said in multiple columns here at CJP Photo News, I've reluctantly accepted the fact that Facebook has become the de facto platform for social marketing.  In 2011 Google implemented its own “Social” answer.  Google+ (G+) was everything I’d been looking for in a social platform.  

G+ let its users add followers.
G+ let you filter your content into circles of influence.



If you read The Power of Social at CJP Photo News, you will see how Google+ did their best to separate themselves from the rest of the field.  For about three years From 2011 when Google implemented G+ until around 2014, I sincerely thought Google created the best social experience on the web.  They made so many intelligent choices from creating circles, really spheres of influence that made it easy to target a particular number of people in that circle to making your content searchable in Google.  This latter piece of information was huge for bloggers and website owners, because ANYTHING you shared in G+ also went into the Google search engine.


It’s a shame, that Google pulled out of their experiment, because before they began dismantling G+, I was fully invested in it.  You can feel free to read my Google+ Category at CJP Photo News


Since I have returned to Facebook, I have seen an exponential rise in my stats via Facebook.  The same rise I used to have in the early days of G+.  Even though Facebook borrowed many of Google’s implementations, now that Google has all but given up in the social experiment, and because Facebook is the last man standing so to speak, I would love to see several other G+ tools migrate to Facebook:
Using Circles in some form.
Somehow bring Google+ Ripples to Facebook


There were so many features of Google+ that I enjoyed and it is sad that Google gave up.  But I’d love to see some of their best features (at least in my opinion) get resurrected in Facebook.


Who agrees?


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.


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