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July, 2017:

Having owned this 10-18mm lens for almost three years now, I'm as confident today as I was the day I put the lens on my camera to say it is perhaps the BEST lens I've ever owned.  Yes.  I'm aware that's high praise for a $300 lens.  But after using it for almost three years I can honestly say I believe it.  In fact, this is the lens that is on my camera 99 percent of the time.  I'm also aware that this isn't the lens for everyone.


Some photographers I know question why I don't have a long telephoto lens.  I've found that in the past, when I've owned several telephoto lenses they stayed home.  My sweet spot is wide angle landscape photography and I believe that for anyone most interested in that particular field, this lens will fit you well.


For a sampling of pictures taken with this lens, you can see this gallery on my website:
Downtown Madison June 2017  


Read the original review below and if you are primarily a landscape photographer I don't think you can go wrong with this lens.


I received an email from Amazon about a month ago reminding me that I had a $150 gift card that was still on file.  This happened a couple of years ago as well.  I had simply forgotten that I had the balance.  If there was one thing missing from my lens arsenal it was an ultra wide angle lens.


I actually owned an EF 17-40mm L lens a few years ago.  I wound up selling it on eBay because I also owned the EF 24-70 f2.8 L lens.  Too much overlap in the focal length. And I certainly wasn’t about to sell my f2.8 lens as that is the one lens I’d coveted since I’d gone the digital SLR route.  I wound up being sorry that I sold the 17-40 as I missed the wider focal length.  I briefly debated getting the lens back but quickly thought better of that notion.


I knew that I needed a wider lens, so I began researching Canon’s ultra wide arsenal.  I considered Canon’s EF 10-22 which I also once owned and eBayed. That was a bit out of my price range EVEN with the $150 gift card I had on file. I’d waved the white flag.  I’d thrown up my arms.  All was lost, or so I thought.


Then a couple weeks ago I decided to give one more look around and that was when I found the Canon EF 10-18mm.

Image from:

A Canon EF-S 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 IS STM lens.

The lens was announced in May so it is a fairly new product.  After spending a few days mining various lens review sites, I’d reached the conclusion that this was the lens I needed to acquire.  I placed the order Thursday July 31 and the lens arrived the next day with free shipping.


I am thoroughly impressed with the lens after using it just twice since receiving it.  Though it is made entirely of high quality plastic, even the lens mount, Canon didn’t skimp on the glass.  The images that come out of that lens I believe are on par with my EF 24-70mm L lens:

Here's another gallery with the 10-18mm lens:
Chatfield Hollow Autumn


The other thing I can say without hesitation about this lens is that since it is made of high quality plastic, it is extremely light.  After using the 24-70mm L lens for several years, using this new lens is a breeze.  And the focal length is amazing.


The price of this lens $299 blew me away.  For that inexpensive price you wouldn’t expect to get L quality photos.  That’s exactly what I saw after I processed the photos.  Because, the lense is plastic, Canon was able to invest more resources into the glass and in my opinion it has paid off.  This is an EFS lens which means it will only fit cameras with an Canon APS-C sensor.  If you have one of these cameras, I can unhesitatingly tell you you will NOT be unhappy with this purchase.


The one area where this lens is lacking is low light shooting.  The camera has a challenge focusing at sunset.  However, as long as I get to sunset an hour before I should be okay.  It’s only after sunset that the lens runs into the wall.  I love this lens even with this limitation. And I think you will too.


In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.




Becky Walsh(non-registered)
Thanks for the review Chris. Even though I am a Nikon user I always think I can still learn things from reviews such as this. It looks like a great lens.
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