Are You In Enough Photos?

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One of the reasons I became a photographer is that I HATE having my own picture taken.  If I’m behind the camera I can’t be in front of it.  How many of my fellow photographers can relate?  There’s a challenge with that however:
If you’re not in photographs, how will others know who you are, remember you?


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That’s one of the things that my family complains about.  Why I’m not in any pictures? They have to guilt me into being in front of the camera.  Sometimes it works.  Most times I stay out of the pictures being taken.


I have a few physical ailments that bother me; although, they probably shouldn’t.  Scoliosis affects my posture in that I can’t stand up entirely straight.  I’m self conscious about that.  Especially when people recognize it.  This is part of who I am and I should learn to embrace all the things about me, both positive and the negative, that I THINK are negative.


We all need to make sure that we take our pictures, but as photographers, we can’t let the idea of being behind the camera so much prevent us from stepping from behind it occasionally.  I completely understand that writing this column today will add more ammo to my family’s arsenal, if they choose to read it.


Are you as a photographer doing enough to document not only what YOU see, but what others see in you?  If not, people will forget what you look like.  People will forget you.


Don’t let that happen.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



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