Scavenger Hunting and Backing Up

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Do you have a backup strategy?

Backing up your data is extremely important especially for photographers.  And backing up to multiple media is also critical:
Don’t simply use one device.
Back up to the cloud.

There are plenty of cloud services available.  I’m using:


I’ve been using it for about three years now. And it has saved me several times.  Not with this latest challenge however.

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As can be seen from the story below you should have multiple places you back up to.  And don’t misplace one of the devices.  Otherwise you’ll run into the same situation I did.  Fortunately, everything worked out but not without plenty of scavenging. 


Last week an old friend of mine contacted me who bought a picture from me maybe fifteen years ago.  I know of two people who purchased this print.  Rob and Lisa is one such couple. It is the other friend who reached out to me.  They had another friend over visiting and this other friend zeroed in on this picture.  We’ll call this person Bill for easier description.  Anyway, Bill wanted to know who took the picture, because he wanted a copy.


Uh oh.  I thought.  I no longer had the picture on my external hard drive where I keep my current pictures.  That meant looking through old discs and hope beyond hope I could find the particular disc where this picture resided.  Fortunately, I knew where the photo lived.  I just needed to find the disc and hope I still owned it.  I could have disposed of it without considering the ramification of doing such a thing.  So I spent Friday night when I arrived home from work going through all my discs.  No luck.  Again, on Saturday I struck out.  Now I started to panic.  What if I couldn’t find the disc?


Sunday afternoon after I arrived home from work, I looked in one last place, a CD/DVD album that I found in my cabinet where I keep my movies.


HUGE relief!

This plays right into the notion of how important it is to backup your entire computer.  Not just on an external drive, but on other media as well.  You SHOULD recall where you put the media you backup to so you don’t have to go through what I did last weekend.


And NEVER throw any of your backup media away.  The scavenger hunt I went through last weekend taught me that.



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



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