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Social media is still relevant today for me at least.  My stats to my two active websites bear out the fact that I made the correct decision to return to Facebook in December, 2014.



After leaving in 2011, when Google implemented its own social network, I initially saw a spike in traffic from Google+.  That traffic could not sustain itself and even though I continue sharing to Google, I’m certainly not getting anywhere near the traffic I initially experienced.  And all of my early followers seem to have vanished from Google+ en masse in 2014.


Many were on Facebook however, so that was a good thing:
Wade Harman
Mike Allton
Stephan Hovnanian
Larry Deane
Mike Dooley
Michael D Bennett
David Kutcher
Dustin W. Stout


I was happy to reconnect with the people above because of all the G+ friends I made, these are the ones I surely missed once I left Google’s own social platform.  I think we who adopted G+ as their social home thought it would be able to weather the fickleness of those who didn’t understand Google’s platform.  I loved the layout.  I loved so much about how Google implemented its service.  Perhaps I was blind to the fact that it could not sustain the numbers to make it relevant against such a powerhouse like Facebook.  Many of us saw that Google created a far better user experience.  Unfortunately, it never quite grabbed onto the masses.


Even now, after continuing to share my content at both G+ and Facebook I’m still receiving far more engagement at Facebook vs G+.  I still find it fascinating that as I said in:

I initially saw a spike in traffic from Google+, that there appeared to be not only a precipitous decline in engagement at G+ but also a mass exodus in 2014.


Of all the social platforms I share to, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook, Facebook drives the most engagement.  And it’s not because I don’t engage with the other platforms I’m on.  I do.  I share others content and repost to my streams all the time.  I actively engage in the 80/20 concept on all my platforms.  It simply seems that Facebook has won the social war.  And that makes me even happier now that I decided to return to Facebook.  It’s also nice to know that I’ve been able to reconnect with some of my G+ friends.  I'm disappointed though, that G+ didn't sustain its initial draw.  I liked their layout and performance better.



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.


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