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So you are considering moving your photography up a notch.  Thinking about creating a website.  The first thing to do is create a domain name.  If you want to appear to be professional, just like with your camera gear, you don’t want to show up with a point and shoot camera and expect to be taken legitimately.  The same goes with a website.  You can’t expect to taken legitimately if you don’t have a domain name.  You should also make sure your domain name purchase comes with dedicated email addresses that match your domain name.


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There are plenty websites that offer domain name purchase.  Once you’ve acquired your domain, then it’s time to find somewhere to host FIRST your domain.  In other words, somewhere to park it.  The second thing is find a host to build your site.  Again there are many services on the web that offer template based websites:


I migrated to ZenFolio about three years ago and the improvement in my website has been overwhelming.  Sales and stats have increased.  More people visit and return because the layout is such a vast improvement.


I’m even able to attach my blog DIRECTLY to my site now so that increases visits overall to the site.  


If you want to appear professional then you have to make the effort.  SmugMug, ExposureManager and ZenFolio will let you create websites without owning your own domain name.  Should you go this route, your URL will look like this:


You have to admit that’s like showing up to a photoshoot with a point and shoot camera.  No one will take you seriously when it is so easy to purchase a domain name. 


Once you have purchased your domain and found a service to build your website, then you have to point your domain to the service you have chosen.  That’s done your domain host’s dashboard.  It requires creating a CName and directing it to your web service.  (The previous link points to GoDaddy’s steps.  However those steps correlate to most hosting services.)



Once your website is active then the real fun begins.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.


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