Constant Contact and Google Analytics

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Constant Contact (CC)




is a valuable email marketing tool to use if you want to reach your clients.  Template based emails are available as is tracking stats.  If you have an online business and you’re looking for ways to connect with clients, Constant Contact is a tool you should be looking at.  


I’ve been using CC for almost ten years now.  Emails go out three times a week regularly for my three blogs and I use it to announce new photography on my website as well as news of upcoming exhibits and online sales.  


I made the mistake several months ago of using my cjpphotos email to send out my newsletters and I wound up being labeled a spammer because I sent out my blogs three days a week to my mailing list.  I still haven’t completely recovered from the spammer label.  I can continue to receive email. I just can’t send email to various domains through my cjpphotos account.  I use my new gmail to send emails.  So there’s yet another advantage to using Constant Contact:

You won’t be labeled a spammer.


A few weeks ago I wrote about Google Analytics (GA)  awhile ago here and compared it to another web counter I use.  After writing that column I decided to use GA exclusively.  However it didn't happen.  I have now once again fully invested in using Google Analytics

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and I think Constant Contact and GA together form a great union.


You can tie the two together when writing a newsletter.  When you schedule your email/newsletter, at the bottom right, you’ll see:

Google Analytics (GA)

Learn more

If you use Google Analytics™ on your website, you can automatically include tracking on

your links to see how your emails drive traffic through your site!

Note: You must have Google Analytics™ tracking enabled on your website for this feature to work.

Google Analytics Campaign Title



Make sure you enter a title for the campaign.  I typically use the same title as the title of my email/newsletter.  Then you can view your Google Analytics account and get more stats via your CC newsletters.  This is yet another example of the usefulness of GA.  Using both of these platforms together can increase your understanding of your visitors.  It’s why that even though, Google Analytics has a rather steep learning curve, once you have mastered the process you’ll be happy you did.  There are plenty of tutorials for both platforms.  Take your time to learn.  I also recommend reading my column from a few weeks ago about removing junk referrals from Google Analytics.


In the meantime:

Focus on what's ahead of you.




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