Using Photoshop to Create a Copyright Symbol

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To add a copyright and your business name/personal name to a photo follow these steps:







Setting up an action to do this so you don’t have to do this every time:

-At the bottom of Action panel, click on the Create New Action button.

–Customize the following on the popup dialog box.

–Name: Give your action a descriptive name.

–Set: If you not planning to categorize them, leave it inside Default Actions.

–Function Key: Create a shortcut for your action.

–Click on Record and the button below will turn red. Any action you perform in Photoshop will be recorded.


The steps above are also mentioned in Photoshop Lessons/Batching

 Select “T” for text .

—Click the photo.

—Select “black” as text color.

—Place your copyright symbol:


On Windows:

For the Copyright symbol (©) Hold the Alt key down and type 0169.

On Mac:

Press the option key then the letter G.


—Press spacebar, then type your name/business name.

—Move the text around to place it where you want it to be.

—Move your mouse pointer to the left of the Copyright symbol, then highlight the text. 

—Click on “layer” on the toolbar.

—Click “layer style.”  Under “Blending Options” Click “Bevel & Emboss and Gradient Overlay.

—Click Okay.

—Click Layer and flatten image.

—Click File Close.

—Click save.



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