Google Analytics And Spam Referrals

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For those of us with websites who use Google Analytics to monitor our stats


In December I decided to make a concerted effort to learning more about Google Analytics (GA).  I have it installed on all three of my websites.  When I started monitoring my stats via GA I noticed an anomaly I didn’t particularly understand or for that matter like all that much.  One page kept showing up as visits on ALL three of my websites:


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The number of visits to this page on ALL my sites numbered fifty, sixty and seventy hits a day, skewing my stats tremendously.  I spoke with my website admin and he recommended I do a google search for  What I discovered was a plethora of information about how to combat this spam referrer.


I found one website:
Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of All the Spam in Google Analytics


After reading the steps involved in this process, I made the initial mistake of ignoring this website and searching for one less elaborate.  When I found one I went through the three or four steps and waited a few days.  When I returned to check my stats, continued to show up.


I was NOT happy as you can well imagine.  Disappointed that I THOUGHT taking a shortcut would actually get me where I wanted to be.  Having four days off in a row at the end of December, I decided to tackle the more complex process in The Ultimate Guide.  The first website in GA took about three hours to complete all the steps involved.  It was so worth the three hours because it worked and continues to work.  The next site took much less time since I already completed the process once.


If you have a website and are using Google Analytics, I highly recommend using:
Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of All the Spam in Google Analytics to ridding yourself of spam referrals.


There are many stat counters available.  However, I found Google Analytics provides the most in depth data.  There is definitely a steep learning curve as there was with eliminating the  If you dive in and spend the time it takes to learn I think you’ll come away rewarded.  I know I did.  


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.


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