October Fall Foliage

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The month of October is dichotomous for me.  Being a photographer, I love the colors.  However, the shorter daylight hours really distresses me.  In fact, it is the shorter daylight hours more than the weather that bothers me.  I wouldn’t say I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I do know that I prefer the longer daylight.  I enjoy staying outside after 7pm and still seeing daylight.  


Nest Maven has a column about Seasonal Affective Disorder you may be interested in.  Click the following link:
Nest Maven on S.A.D.


When it gets dark at 4 and 5pm I really become a hermit.  I understand that fall and winter are a time to rest and regroup however, I’m not one that likes to stay inside.  I prefer to be outside and if possible with my camera.  When darkness and grey skies abound in November and December and when dirty snow proliferates on the roads, I look out my window and can only dream of warmer weather, longer daylight and spring colors.  It’s why my camera hibernates after October.  I’m more of a “color” person.  I don’t do black and white photography, however ALL my photography I have for sale has a black and white option on check out.  I need color in my life as well as in my photography, which is why I don’t shoot from the middle of October until the middle of May.


It’s why December 21 and Daylight Savings day are two of my favorite times of the year.  Driving in the dark has really become my least favorite thing to do and in November, December and the first half of January I tend to come home after work and not leave after five.


October is still a climate I like however.  Jacket weather and no humidity is always good for my soul.  The temperature is still at a place where I can enjoy with a warm sweatshirt or a coat and not be shivering.  And for photography, the light in October is optimum.  Probably my favorite time of year to be out with my camera.  Most of my Hammonasset Beach State Park photography is taken in that glorious month.



Photographers love October in New England as the color is magnificent both at the golden hour and all through the month.  October sunsets are my favorites, although I certainly don’t like the shorter daylight hours.  I prefer being outside as long as possible and with October rolling in I must take the good with the bad.


When you think Fall foliage in New England, only one state is synonymous with that time of year.





Several years ago I traveled to Vermont with another friend of mine and we used a book to find some areas to photograph:
The Photographer's Guide to Vermont


Unfortunately, we arrived a week late for peak colors.  As you can see from my Vermont link above, the colors were still vibrant.  My Connecticut State Park Gallery also has Fall foliage galleries in Chatfield Hollow, Devil’s Hopyard and Gillette Castle.


What’s your favorite time of year?


In the meantime:

Focus on what’s ahead of you.






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