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Let’s be clear:
When I say donate your work, I’m NOT suggesting giving your photography away.


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What I AM suggesting is when an organization in your community asks if you can donate something to their event.  I normally do this three or four times a year and more times than not I become more well known and I usually wind up far ahead of the curve, because sales in excess of the donations usually roll in shortly after.  Last Saturday Daniel Hand High School had their fortieth reunion and I was asked if I would consider donating to their silent auction.  Of course I agreed.  Well, as of Wednesday afternoon, I already made two new sales and they both came from someone at the reunion.


This works for well established artists as they have a presence.  So how do you create that presence?  Market on social media.  To be honest, that’s how this latest advantage came my way.  Someone on the reunion committee saw my Madison Connecticut photography I’ve been posting on Facebook and contacted me.  So, see?
People say using social media to promote your business doesn’t work anymore.  It DOES if you target the right community.


If you’re an artist that concentrates in a particular city/town, it helps to find out if that town has a Facebook page and start sharing your art from your business page to the town’s page.  Wait a minute.  You’re an artist and you DON’T have a Facebook page devoted to your art?


In any case, share your art on the town Facebook page and ALWAYS link to your website.  You DO have a website that promotes your artwork, I hope.  I also hope your website is retail as well.  You SHOULD be giving your visitors the opportunity to purchase your art.


Donating to causes is another marketing tool I use to draw new customers to my business.  Don’t be afraid to do so yourself.  Remember the quote:
Always be marketing


Donate your art.

Do anything you can to promote your business.  


That way when someone is looking for an artist/photographer, your name will be the first to float to the surface.  If you want recognition, it won’t happen by itself.  You have to work for it.


In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.



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