Block Island Lighthouses

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Block Island is my favorite place to visit.  I travel there every year for day trips.  I haven’t missed too many years in going.  Last Sunday, August 14, my brother, Mike, his wife, Kali and my two nieces and I went there. My oldest niece loves BI as much as I do as can be seen from a column I wrote at another blog I write:
Moving to Block Island


So, the week before we planned our trip, I obsessed about the weather, checking every day.  The beginning of the week didn’t look good for Sunday:

Thunderstorms throughout the day.


As the week progressed however, the weather gods smiled down on us and it turned out to be a FABULOUS day:
Blue Sky and Sunny throughout the day.


A perfect combination for the photography I’m most interested in.  The last time I photographed North Light on Block Island, the clouds interferred.  I was not happy.  That’s why I obsessed over the weather.  Our plan was to go to North Light.  When I arrived home from the day trip I felt so happy with the pictures I shot.  Here’s a link:
Block Island Lighthouses



This is a vast improvement over the photos that were here before.  When I go out with my camera I’m really looking for blue sky with a smattering of clouds unless I’m doing ground cover.  I don’t like cloudy as I need color which is yet another reason my camera goes into hibernation around the middle of November.  Cloud cover works best when shooting flowers and ground cover as you don’t have to be concerned with shadows.  But when photographing where I will be aiming at the sky I want color.  Others may feel differently and that’s alright.




What’s your opinion?


The above picture is of North Light. It's my favorite place on Block Island. So relaxing and peaceful there. It's a bit of a walk through the sand to get there as can be seen from other pictures in the link above. However, I always found the walk well worth the reward.




In the meantime:

Focus on what’s ahead of you.




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