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Sleeklens, a UK based company offers its customers a set of actions for Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Sleeklens reached out to me last week to ask if I would review their Photoshop Action.


These are the actions I've been using:
Sleeklens Landscape Actions

And here is where you can find ALL the actions they create:
Sleeklens Photoshop Actions

Image from:
Sleeklens Twitter



First, a brief overview of what an action is and how I use them can be found in this column at CJP Photo News:


I can say after a week of using the Photoshop Actions Sleeklens provided me, it  has cut my editing time almost in half.  There are so many features to the action that I’ve barely scraped the surface.  Seeing as I love to photograph sunsets, the options available for sunsets and sunrises are amazing and so easy to implement.


Morning Light is one such action I used on a sunrise I took a few months ago and the feature made an immediate change to my photo that would have taken several steps doing so manually.  All I can say about this this action is:
Get your hands on it and begin using.  This company deserves more recognition for what they are doing.  


The Exposure features are also intriguing as I played with them a bit.  Cutting the time I use to edit my photos is always a positive and Sleeklens certainly did that.  All the features available in this action plugin are useful to me as I’ve spent time editing my photos to get the enhancements I want in the finished product.  The features I’ve used have produced similar results to my manual edits.  Of course, this is only after a week using the product.  I’m sure I will find more to like as I continue to use Sleeklens.


Sometimes, as with many photographers, I like to make adjustments to my photos on my own.  Having control over the finished product is important to me.  In some cases though, the presets in the Sleeklens Action provides the same finished product and even sometimes enhanced the photograph beyond what I could have done on my own.


If you decide to purchase, and like the product, you can help them out by writing a review yourself on their site and sharing via social media.


There are other features I know I’ll be using in the future

I’ve already used Autumn Colors in a photo I took last October and the image looks almost identical to the one I spent ten minutes adjusting manually.  That’s a HUGE time saver.  The same with the sunset features available.


In the meantime:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.





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