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For those of us with blogs and or websites:


I’m sure you’ve heard that a +1 on Google+, and a Like on Facebook is better than nothing at all.  A comment is better than a +1 or a Facebook Like and a share is better than all.  All three are best of all.


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Each action you take on Facebook  especially, puts your content in front of more eyes.  And isn’t that the entire objective for those of with websites and blogs?  To get our content to more people?  It’s why I generally share content and leave a comment.


Google+ is a different animal when it comes to sharing content, or at least it used to be when I was more active there.  Used to be that ALL your content would move to their search page.  Which is another reason I decided to become active there.  However for those of you who have been reading CJP Photo News for sometime know I left Google because I lost all engagement there.


When you leave a comment on Facebook more people will see the content you shared.  But when you share someone else’s content, everyone in your stream (whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus or all three) will see what you shared.  I generally do my best to share content from my friends and comment as well.


If you have a blog would you rather have someone leave a comment at your blog or share your column on Social?  Or both?


Getting my content in front of more eyes is more important to me.  Increasing traffic to my websites is what my entire goal is with being on Social so you can imagine I’d rather have shares then blog comments.  However I will take both as well.


In the meantime:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.





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