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Once in awhile I will be writing a column for CJP Photo News in the middle of the month.  Today’s column is a resource list for photography books.  All Links here bounce to my Amazon Associates account.  So if any of these books catch your eye, PLEASE use the DIRECT links here to purchase.


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Photography Books:
1.  I borrowed Understanding Exposure 4th Edition from the library and leafed through it for about a week when I realized it was something I wanted in my own library.  I think it’s a MUST have for ANY photographer.  Typically, before I buy a book I will go to the library and see if I can borrow first.  That way I’m not spending money on something that I won’t look at it again.


2.  If you’re local to the New England States and you’re considering travelling to Vermont in the Fall, then The Photographer’s Guide to Vermont is another MUST have book.  A friend and fellow photographer I made several years ago had this book when we travelled to Vermont.  She knew ALL the places to go as we constantly referred to this book.  What an amazing resource.


3.  Being that I exclusively use Photoshop in the little editing I do after a photoshoot, I needed a book that gave me the tools to do things I don’t already do.  Having used the program for well over ten years I know what I need to know.  Occasionally, however there are still some things I come across that I don’t quite understand.  Again I referred to my library and found Photoshop for Photographers.


4.  And of course we can’t leave Scott Kelby off ANY list of photography books.  A Kelby book was the first I read when I bought my Canon DSLR.


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