2016 Spring Festival Stats

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As promised two weeks ago my stats for the 2016 Shoreline Spring Festival follow:


This year for the first time in the seven years I’ve been attending the Spring Festival, I brought photos from outside the shoreline area.  I sold the more photos from the shoreline area (Madison and Guilford) than all other photos combined.  Whether a fluke or something to take under consideration I won’t know unless I do the same thing next year.  My sales increased over last year but did not increase over the past three years.  Again, whether that was due to the inventory I had or some other factors I won’t know until next year.


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The weather cooperated in that it didn’t rain this year.  However, it did remain cloudy for most of the day.  That COULD HAVE kept people away.  The Shoreline Spring Festival is my most successful yearly show.  And I DID improve over last year which is always my goal.  I wound up paying for my spot and then some.  I debated increasing my prices going from forty dollars to forty five dollars for my 11x14 mats.  In the end I opted to stay at forty.  Forty five was too scary a number for me.


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