What Platform Are You?

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Here's another chance to get to know me a bit more.


In 1989 I bought my first computer:

A used IBM 286 with a 20mb hard drive and 4mb ram.  The computer ran Dos.  Which helped me later in my computer career. As Dos taught me to code.  I still carry much of Dos coding with me almost thirty years later.  I still miss it even though I’m now on a different platform.


At the time I purchased that IBM 286, I had just begun writing short

stories for submission to the Science Fiction and Fantasy small press.

I needed to present type written manuscripts.  I held onto that

computer until 1993 when I upgraded to Pentium 386 running

Windows 3.1.  I stayed in the PC/Windows world because it was the

world I knew, the world I was comfortable in.  I actually overstayed my welcome as is usually the case with me.  


I’m ninety percent loyal to my detriment.  Fortunately, as I grew into Windows I became very adept at discovering its idiosyncrasies.  I wanted to understand what made Windows tick.  If something went wrong, I didn’t want to pester anyone.  I wanted to fix the problem.  I became so proficient that I began building Windows computers for others.  I loved doing that.  


I had a huge client list in the mid 1990s, almost 200 clients along the shoreline.  Software/hardware, Internet.  You name it.  I could fix it.  I stayed in the Windows world until 2007 when I finally decided I needed to remove myself from all the challenges that Windows presented:
Windows Vista


In 2007 I was fully invested in my photography and I couldn’t afford to be without a computer.  A friend of mine in Madison, gave me his old Apple computer in August, 20007 to play with, to see if I could learn the new OS.  I’ve always loved to learn new technology, I’ve always been an early adopter.  It took me about a month before I felt comfortable enough to know I could use the Apple.  In December, five months later, I purchased my own Apple, a 20 inch all in one desktop.  I’ve been fully invested in the Apple world ever since and I can’t ever see returning to the world of Windows.  In November 2014, seven years after my first foray into the Apple world, I purchased my second Apple computer, this time a Macbook Air.  As with my statement that I can’t see ever returning to Windows I can also say with certainty, that I won’t be returning to the world of desktop computers.  I love that I’m now portable and I can take my computer anywhere I go.


What platform are you on?  And why did you choose it?


In the meantime:

Focus on what’s ahead of you.






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