Obsessions Other than Photography

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A litte more to know about me:


Photography isn’t my only obsession, nor was it my first.  So what is the other obsession I have?  It’s writing.  I’ve been writing longer than I’ve had a camera in my hand.  I remember being ten years old and writing about UFOs landing off the Branford, Connecticut Shoreline.  When I wrote fiction, it always tended toward the unexplained, the fantastic.  Science Fiction and Fantasy is where I feel most at ease.  When I wrote fiction, I used these genres to tell stories with a human message, a message of hope, a message of redemption, a message that said there is another way to see the world, a more positive way to live.



It’s funny, because now that I’ve stopped writing fiction, my worldview has not shifted at all.  I now write three blogs, each vastly different from the other.

Wisdom and Life is my personal blog.  That blog deals with my spiritual evolution and it’s where I discuss my worldview.  I still believe there is another way to see the world, a more positive way.  Even when I wrote fiction, I was on that path.


Scranton Page Turner is my reader advisory blog I write in conjunction with the Scranton Library where I work as my day job.  


Writing has always been an obsession I’ve had.  There was a time when I completely stopped writing however.  I found my way back and you can read more about that in my column at Wisdom and Life called The Itch.


I was published sporadically in the SF/F small press in the early to mid 1990s.  I now have an eBook called: Random Acts: Stories of Redemption.  These are a collection of short stories I wrote when I wrote fiction.


I’ve always been involved in the arts in some way whether through writing or photography.  The arts have been my security blanket, my safety zone.  It’s been how I cope.


What do you do to cope?


In the meantime:

Focus on what’s ahead of you.




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