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For those photographers who have retail websites and show their photography at events and local exhibits, here’s a question:
Where are you more successful?

On the web?  Or at your exhibits?


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Shoreline Spring Festival



Over a month to month basis you can decipher your stats.  If you show your photography at local exhibits by the month or at one or two day events, how successful are you?  By successful, I mean do you sell any of your photos?  And if so, how many do you sell?  When you compare your local exhibit sales to your web sales, where are you more successful by the month or by the day?


Do you find you sell more photography when you show for longer periods (by the month,) or at shorter times (at one or two day events?)


An interesting statistic I’ve accumulated over my many years of showing my photography at local exhibits is this:
The shorter the time period I show, the more I sell.  As an example:

I do one outside show a year:
The Shoreline Spring Festival  


I typically sell out of my inventory or come REALLY close to doing so every year at this event.  Every year since I’ve been attending The Spring Fest, I bring more inventory and I always ALMOST sell out.  Last year (2015) was an exception as the weather didn’t cooperate. When I exhibit elsewhere, usually those shows are up for a month.  I’m lucky if I sell two photos.  It took me a couple of years do understand what was happening.  When I finally saw this for what it was, I came to a conclusion why I produced better results when I showed for shorter periods of time:
I THINK it is because when someone visits my booth during my one day events, prospective customers realize they better act quickly if they find a photo that speaks to them, otherwise they will miss out, as I’m only showing for the day.


Has anyone else who exhibits experienced this as well?


In the meantime:

Focus on what’s ahead of you.




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